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Welcome to Cey Working Shepherds dog kennel in Saskatchewan. We have owned German Shepherd Dogs for many years. These dogs are confident, loyal and intelligent animals. The German Shepherd Dog possesses great spirit, strength, courage, and persistence. The experience of training and working with this breed is rewarding. Living with a German Shepherd Dog as a companion gives many people a sense of security and protection. If you are seeking a large breed dog, have an interest in working your dog, in need of a loyal companion or family protection dog, this breed is for you.

Cey Working Shepherds is located in Saskatchewan where the wide open spaces and beautiful skies enhance the experience of interacting with another species.

Cey Working Shepherds is dedicated to producing top working German Shepherd Dogs by breeding to the standard that is recognized and supported by the Canadian Kennel Club.




Gunner Von Ceyis a young four month old male from the
"G Litter of 2014" He has been homed recently but is a great example of the type of dog that emerges from Cey Working Shepherds.

"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative."
-- Mordecai Siega


One of the most common questions we get as a breeder is to describe the type of dog that a client can expect. Genetics play a very important role in that of course, but ultimately the environmental structure, expectations and training go a long way to determining that. Determining a breed that suits your family situation and fulfills the purpose for the addition of this animal to your home is very important.

One of our clients stated the following regarding the behavior/temperament of a GSD: "Their behaviour is very much a product of their training. For example, "our male" is great with other dogs but we invested a ton into that. Without the training they are driven and make their own rules! They aren't labradoodles!! I have to remind my friends of this all the time who don't understand why their dogs can't come over and "play". I can take (our female) anywhere on leash with dogs everywhere but she does not want to be pals with other dogs!"

"You may wish to click on the "progeny" link on the left to review some of the dogs that have emerged from our kennel.

Whether you are a seeking a new family member, a working dog or just love the breed we hope you enjoy this visit to our kennel.