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Kleo (Kaleo von Narnia)

The word Kaleo means "called out". We are hoping this wonderful pup will live up to the expectation of her name and that she will be a dog that is capable of reproducing many of the positive traits of the German Shepherd Dog breed that are known and loved globally.

Kaleo's pedigree boasts many working titles and some well known dogs. Genetically she has every chance to become an awesome contibutor to the breed. Now for our work to begin:)

Dam: Astra Lucia Viktoria SVV 1 Sire: Mambo Z Pohranicni straze ZVV3, OP1, IPO3

Her grandsire is SK VD Fiasko Okal CS SchH III, IPO1, SVV1

Kaleo von Narnia's dam (Astra) was imported from Czech in whelp to Narnia Kennels. The sire, MAMBO z Pohranicni straze is a stud dog at the Czech breeding kennels of Jirkova dvora, Jipo-Me, and Z Blatenskeho zamku. Narnia Kennels has this to say about Mambo.

Mambo is one of the last real dogs bred in z Pohranicni straze kennel (the famous Czech Border Patrol breeding program). From his father's line he belongs to the 5th blood line from the branch founded by TREU v. Schaeferstolz. The side line is formed by 2nd blood line, represented by world renown BRIX v. Kampfwald. MAMBO's mother belongs to the 3rd bloodline founded by by KLODO Boxberg.

This is a video of Mambo working that was posted in 2007.


Kaleo is a very striking solid black female GSD. She likes to train and loves to be around people and other dogs. She is quick to learn new commands and expectations. She is just working on the basic sit, down, heel, wait - along with very initial "take it" for the retrieve on flat with a dumbbell.

We are excited to see how this young girl will strengthen our breeding program in general, and enhance our family life. As you can see she is already into mischief and enjoying herself while doing it!


female black pup


Kleo has quite a sense of humor (if that is possible for a dog) and although finds trouble often enough - she is not a destructive dog. For a six month old pup, she is quite good at not jumping on company and generally displays good manners.


In July of '09, Kleo turned 1.5 years old and is learning many new things. She loves to ride in the car and see new things, explore new surroundings and basically be with people. She is firming up her basic obedience as well as participating in new "thinking games" written about by Karen Pryor and Gail Tamases Fisher. She has beautiful structure and a rock solid, confident temperament. She is game for anything! She will climb into, onto over or through most anything.

Kleo has excellent speed and agility, which she often demonstrates when chasing the foxes that bravely enter her territory.

She is graceful and fluid in her movements.