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Libby (Narnia's Valory)

Libby passed away in the summer of 2011, an autopsy could not confirm the cause.


Narnia's Valory (call name Libby) is a strong, willing worker and intelligent dog. Her stable nerves and social personality are evident to all who meet her. She loves to travel and to train. She is confident in new surroundings and calm in the house. Libby is excellent with people of all ages. Her mother was a Czech import. These European bloodlines and titles are evidence of her ability to produce German Shepherd Dogs that will be capable of working long hours as well as being great companion dogs. Her sire is:
OTCh Valiant Val von Narnia BH, AD, SchHIII IP03, T.D..

See Pedigree page for more information.

Libby's mother is Hachel z Elbu (Czech import) .
Sire: OTCh Valiant Val von Narnia, BH AD SchH III IP03 T.D.

Libby loves to be with the family and was very easy to housebreak. She is also crate trained which has come in handy many times.

Hip/Elbow Certification:
Libby has had her hips and elbows certified "normal" at the University of Saskatchewan Western College of Veterinary Medicine. These x-rays were an evaluation of the coxal and cubital joints.

Libby has awesome maternal instincts and teaches her litter many interdog skills and guarding behavior. She is attentive to their needs and has proven to be a very good producer and mother.


General Appearance

Libby exemplifies the breed standard in that she is very agile and well muscled. She loves to be active, she is alert within varying environments and is generally full of life. She has a definite feminine look to her.

Size, Proportion and Substance

Libby is 24 inches in height, measuring from the top of the shoulder blade to the ground.She is nicely balanced, with a long, deep body and a straight top line


Libby has a well proportioned head. Her expression is calm and intelligent. Her eyes are very dark and a strong ear set that is parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. She has a long, strong black muzzle, however she does have some white around the mouth (which came when she was about two). She has very strong jaws with 42 teeth that meet in a scissors bite.

Tail: Libby has a wonderful full bushy, well proportioned tail. Normally it hangs in a slight curve, however when she gets excited the curve becomes more obvious - and her tail carried higher.

Part of Libby's "work" as breeding stock is to teach her litter proper interdog skills. She is very devoted to her litter.
She has not yet been worked in formal protection.


Libby is naturally very protective of the "den" once she has whelped. She is very good with people away from the den, but does not appreciate unfamiliar company for the first few days within her den.


We have greatly appreciated all of the joy that this dog has brought to our lives.

"To err is human:
To forgive, canine."
- Anonymous