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The pedigrees for each dog at Cey Working Shepherds can be viewed by clicking on the link above. The titles that you will see in their pedigrees demonstrate the accomplishments and abilities of the ancestors of puppies that emerge from our breeding program. Many people think that a pedigree isn't important - that you can find a good German Shepherd Dog whose pedigree is unknown (and that is true). However since the science of genetics has greatly expanded over the years we benefit when we begin to apply this knowledge. Since each puppy is a result of the genetics acquired from its pedigree - then knowledge of that pedigree is important. Searching the pedigrees will assist you in knowing the potential for training and working the dog in the area you are most interested. Finally, it will also let you determine whether the breeding was an outbreeding (dogs that are totally unrelated), or a linebreeding (related dogs that possess particular traits are bred in the hopes to reproduce these positive traits).

When reading through the pedigrees above it may help you to keep the following information in mind. Championship titles are awards for conformation (or as some say) "looks" and are placed before the dog's registered name. All of the titles that come after the registered name are "working titles". Cey Working Shepherds is focused on producing puppies with the ability/genetics for working (and most of them are gorgeous as well- but then we have a bias). But in general, these puppies would not be happy placed in homes or situations where there was not enough "work" or activity provided. The pedigrees above point to generations of artificial selection to produce a particular type of dog. We can be certain that behavior patterns are largely innate- so select a breed of dog that suits your lifestyle (or you will be struggling with a change of style).

Our bloodlines often cross Czech and West German dogs. Here are some titles that are common on Czech and German pedigrees (and more specifically on our dogs).


ZM similar to a Bh but with bite work
ZPO Czech Protection Dog title
SPO Slovak Protection dog title
SP/PS Border Patrol Dog
SVV, ZVV SchH (Czech Republic equivalent to Schutzhund)
ZZZ Basic Qualification for SAR work
ZZP1,2,3 Urban/Disaster Work
ZLP1,2,3 Avalanche/Wilderness Work
ZVP1,2,3 Water/Wilderness Work
Sch I, II, III Three part test of Tracking, Obedience and Protection
B or BH tests basic obedience, sureness around strange people, strange dogs, traffic, and loud noises.

endurance test requiring a continuous gait at about six miles per hour for approximately nine miles with a ten-minute rest halfway, along with a simple obedience test at the end.

The dog is given a simple physical examination after the test. This is a requirement for the Breed Survey.

Herding Dog
PH Police Dog
FH Tracking Dog
PSD Police Service Dog
WH Watch Dog
IPO1 International Novice schutzhund
IPO2 International Intermediate Schutzhund
IPO3 International Masters level Schutzhund
BIH Blind Leader Dog
DH Service Dog
ZFH Customs Tracking Dog