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RAVEN (Polly von Narnia)

UPDATE (March /08): We are very disappointed and saddened to let you know that Raven's hips did not pass the necessary certification for breeding. We will be unable to use her in our breeding program. We admired and loved many, many things about her. According to our contract with her breeder, we have had to return her.

Raven has many superb characteristics and traits. However, the very best thing about her is her sense of loyalty and boundless enthusiasm and energy. Raven displays a very strong working temperament. She is persistent, energetic and full of drive. She is very easy to work with as she wants to be working. She is a very intelligent and focused dog. She is now a year and a half old and loves to be around people. She is crate trained, house trained and is doing well with basic obedience. She is a very willing and eager learner. Our hope is that she will continue to demonstrate the required physical characteristics and temperament that will make her an asset to the German Shepherd Dog breed.

Raven's pedigree consists of many dogs that have acquired working titles. Genetically she should prove to also possess and pass on these desired traits.

Dam: Wichita von Narnia CDX BH SchHIII AD TD IPO3 . Sire: Artex Elbwarte CD BH SchH III AD

Her grandsire is OTCh Valiant Val von Narnia, BH AD SchH III IPO3 TD

Granddam: Grey z Jenive ZZZ, BH, IPO2 VZ I, ZVV1

General Appearance:Raven is extremely agile and easily maneuvers verticals without effort. She is well muscled and full of life.She came to us at 7 weeks with a little curly tail - as it uncurled it left a kink -which is unfortunate as her proportions, size and strength in all other areas is phenomenal. It seems that this default is greatly minimized when held against her tremendous potential to produce excellent working German Shepherd Dogs.

Temperament: Raven is a young dog that is full of personality and confidence. She hasn't yet gained that "aloofness" known to the GSD breed. She has yet to develop calmness and manners when meeting new people (children in particular). She gets so very excited that she forgets to be "poised". She is most definitely eager and alert, and certainly not timid in any situations.

Raven has a very sleek, healthy solid black coat of medium length. She has very dark pigmentation. She loves to be groomed.

Eyes/Ears: Raven has wonderful almond shaped dark eyes of medium size. Her ears are moderately pointed and nicely proportioned to her skull with a slight inward turn.

Nose: Her muzzle is long, strong and absolutely black. As you can see in the picture to the right, the topline of her muzzle is nicely parallelled to the topline of the skull.